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What are the richest?
Proteins are the building blocks that make up living organisms. This their peculiar function, called plastic, however, is not the only one. The proteins are in fact also delegated to the synthesis of, enzymes and tissues (especially the muscle).
In conditions of reduced energy intake, proteins derived from foods or from, may be used to provide the body with energy.
From the chemical point of view the proteins are macromolecules consisting of 22 basic units calls, which, like so many rings, are joined together coach factory outlet to form a long chain.
Eight of these amino acids are essential because the body can not synthesize them fast enough to meet the metabolic demands. These amino acids (, isoleucine, lysine, methionine, valine, threonine, phenylalanine,) must therefore be introduced with food, in order to avoid specific nutritional deficiencies. In the first two years of life become two other essential amino acids, respectively called arginine and histidine
Not all proteins are equal
In foods of animal origin can be found protein "high" simply means that these foods contain all the amino acids "essential" in the right proportions and quantities.
The proteins present in plant foods instead have an amino acid profile worst, as deficient in one or more amino acids "essential." This deficit can still be filled with ease, associating with each other plant foods from other sources (such as the classic pasta e). See:.
To assess the quality of the proteins present in foods using three parameters:
C.U.D. (Digestive utilization coefficient) is the ratio between nitrogen absorbed and ingested nitrogen (Na / Ni): The CUD is high for proteins of animal origin, minor proteins of vegetable origin;
P.E.R. (Protein efficiency ratio = coefficient of effectiveness protein) based on the study of the growth curves of lots of animals fed with proteins: indicates the gain in body weight per gram of protein ingested;
N.P.U. (Net protein utilization = net protein utilization): reflects the digestibility and biological value of the protein.
How Much Protein?
The recommended intake of protein is inversely proportional to the 'age:
2 g / kg / day in neonates
1.5 g / kg / day to 5 years
1-1.2 g / kg / day in adolescence and adulthood
These proteins have a material
2/3 from foods of animal origin and 1/3 from foods of plant origin.
: correlates in overweight and greater commitment renal and hepatic impairment. An excess of protein of animal origin associated with high amounts of (beef, pork, or other lipid-rich) is one of the risk factors for and for numerous other diseases. See:
protein-rich foods with more protein proteine/100 g g DRIED FOOD GRAIN 36.9 33.9 32 31.9 29 28 HAM SALAMI 27 ... DRIED BEANS CHICKEN BREAST 23.6 23.3 coach outlet 21.5 FRESH BEEF TENDERLOIN ADULT OR COMB 17.0 20.5 COD
food value bilogico EGGS MILK 100 91 80 BEEF FISH SOY PROTEIN 78 coach outlet online 74 59 54 WHEAT PEANUTS DRY BEANS 43 34 34 POTATO NB
cooking food significantly decreases the biological value of protein
supplement bilogico value> 100 100 EGG PROTEIN MILK PROTEIN> 90 CASEIN PROTEIN
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